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Why Home Care

Home Care for Seniors in Pasadena

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Being the primary caregiver for an elderly family member or loved one can become overwhelming, especially if you’re working full-time and have other family responsibilities.  Many people will need assistance due to an injury, illness or recent hospital stay.  These unforeseen circumstances can place a great amount of stress on everyone involved.  Providing daily assistance can be doable for a period of time, but you may find the task overtaking all aspects of your own life, and overwhelming you when other personal obligations get pushed aside. You yourself may be in need of extra assistance and personal care, without a family member or friend to help.  Pasadena In Home Care provides skilled and compassionate caregivers for all types of situations, helping to reduce stress for all parties involved and increase the quality of life for the client.

Increase Healing with At-Home-Care

With at-home-health care, a patient is able to receive high quality of care through the one-on-one assistance of a professional care provider.  Many studies and testimonials have proven that people are able to recover faster, increase their life-span and enjoy a higher quality of life if they are able to remain in their own home during rehabilitation.  The patient is able to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by a familiar environment, family, and personal possessions.

Personal Safety and Independence

Pasadena In Home Care believes there are many benefits to in-home health care. Remaining independent is a huge concern for seniors and the elderly as they experience a decline in their health or physical abilities. We provide families with caregivers that strive to promote independence while maintaining personal safety of the individual client.  Having a caregiver present to watch over and assist a senior on a daily basis is the safest option when it comes to health and healing.  You can be certain that your loved one is safe with a trusted and trained companion from Pasadena In Home Care.

Customized In-Home-Care

Unlike many nursing home facilities for seniors, at-home health care is extremely individualized. Pasadena In Home Care matches each client with a caregiver and treatment plan that is tailored specifically to the personal needs of the client. We consider all aspects of the individual’s health status, personal likes and dislikes, favorite activities, daily needs and the needs of the family members involved.  Pasadena In Home Care is the best option for those individuals interested in compassionate and trusted personal at-home care.

Affordable Home-Care

Pasadena In Home Care has several home health care options for individuals at the most reasonable rates.  Through Pasadena In Home Care, our professional caregivers give you the option to receive quality at-home care, without the restraints of overwhelming financial obligation. The quality of you will receive from a trustworthy caregiver will not only be far greater than that received at a facility, it will be much less of a financial burden on you and your family.

Effective Healing

Hiring a personal caregiver to take care a loved one in their own home is one of the most effective forms of healing for seniors.  In home care is the most individualized and personal form of health care available.  When an elderly individual is able to remain in their own home, their life span is increased and their quality of life is improved dramatically.  Our special team of caregivers works to promote companionship, friendship, healing and compassion to ease the stress during a difficult time.

Caregivers Tailored to Your Needs

Pasadena In Home Care screens our team of caregivers through extensive background checks and face-to-face interviews to ensure the quality of our care team. Your trust and comfort is important to us.  We match each individual client with a caregiver that is best fit for the family and the needs and care that the client requests. Our highly trained at home care providers have the experience and expertise to care for you or your loved one and are also very compassionate and patient. We only hire caregivers who exhibit a selfless, special quality of compassion that is difficult to find through most other agencies. The care, safety and comfort of our client are our number one priority.

In-Home Care Regardless of the Need

If you or a loved one needs at-home care short-term, long-term or on a full-time, 24 hour basis, Pasadena In Home Care will tailor the schedule to your needs and provide care for as long as you see fit.  Unforeseen injuries, illness and other circumstances can make the need for care very urgent.  We provide service anytime, day or night, for as long as needed. Our services revolve around the well-being of the client and family alike. Regardless of the circumstances or need of care, Pasadena In Home Care is here to serve you.