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The Best Foods For Your Brain

June 25, 2018

Certain foods are good for our hearts, while other foods are good for our eyesight.  However, one of the more overlooked part of our body is our brain, yet it is one of the most important organs.  To maintain and improve our brain health, there are different foods that are great for our brain.

Nuts, whether it is walnuts or almonds, are great in keeping our arteries clear, promoting good blood flow to our brain to generate new brain cells.  Another type of food that can help clear our arteries is Fish and the omega-3 fatty acids that it contains.  It is recommended to have about 13.5 oz a week according to Discovery fit & health, and it can definitely make you feel younger.  Finally, who doesn’t love a little spaghetti sauce on their pastas? Turns out, tomato juice and spaghetti sauce contain nutrients like lycopene and folate that promotes greater blood flow.  Understand that these foods are beneficial to both your brain and your heart means you should have no excuse not adding these to your diet!

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