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How to Care for Your Elderly Loved One without Going Mad

February 1, 2019

You love your mom dearly.  But after her stroke, she’s been calling you non-stop, multiple times a day, because her mind has gone delirious and she’s not making any sense at all.  For example, you got her a 24-hour caregiver to tend to her every need while you’re at work, but somehow that’s still not enough.  She wants you to cancel the caregiver for one reason or another.  Delirium after an acute stroke is very common among the elderly.  A stark change in mental status, especially with regard to concentration and attention, signals confusion and should be documented for your loved one’s doctor.  Whatever you do, do not cancel the caregiver but take the following steps to guard your own sanity:

  • Set boundaries – turn off your phone for blocks of time so you can have some peace
  • Don’t try to reason with someone who won’t listen
  • Find a community group in your area where you can vent (not just an online community group but an actual group that meets near you)
  • Find opportunities to socialize with your friends as much as possible
  • Strive to maintain normalcy in your own life
  • Have the live-in caregiver document symptoms so that your elderly one can receive proper treatment after a stroke

If your mom’s delirium is driving you crazy, it’s best to rely on professional 24-hour care so you can have both of your needs met.  A-1 Home Care’sprofessionals are experts at assuaging seniors who seem “needy” or irrational.  Our First Aid/CPR-certified caregivers have years of experience helping seniors and their families; we treat your loved ones as though they’re our own.

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You and your loved one can enjoy high quality senior care at the most competitive rates in Southern California.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been serving seniors and their families in PasadenaGlendale,Burbank, GlendoraHollywood, and other parts of LA County.  As one of the few state-licensed agencies in California, A-1 Home Care aims to protect your loved ones from predators and scam artists.

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