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Hospice Care in Pasadena

A-1 Hospice Care

The best place for someone your loved one during the final stages of their life is home, surrounded by family and friends. Pasadena In-Home Care provides families of individuals on hospice care with a compassionate, experienced caregiver to help ease the burden during this overwhelmingly difficult and painful time.  The extra assistance a trustworthy and skilled caregiver can ease the burden of caring for someone who is terminally ill or near the end of their life.

Pasadena In-Home Care’s Hospice Services are centered on the well-being of the family and client. We understand the stress of the responsibilities you feel as the primary family caregiver and work to ease your burden. Having a trusted and trained professional caregiver in your home to provide in home care not only benefits the client, but the entire family as well. Caregivers have often been noted as the greatest blessings to come out of difficult situations such as these, and our caregivers work specifically to display an attitude of hope and compassion at all times.

Many of our at home care providers know firsthand the difficulties involved when dealing with death and dying. Our special team of caregivers is here to serve you based not only on their expertise and training, but their personal experiences as well. At Pasadena In Home Care, a caregiver will be matched specifically for your needs and the needs of your loved one to ensure the most compatible relationship between caregiver and client. We customize the schedule and services to your individual needs and requirements.  At home hospice care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for both same-day and next-day care services. Regardless of the time frame or immediate need, you can be sure that Pasadena In Home Care will be there for you and your loved one.

To hire a Hospice Caregiver, please call our toll-free line at: (310) 657-8780