Elder Care

Elderly and Senior individuals deserve to enjoy their Golden Years in the most productive and comfortable manner as possible. These older adults often have more free time to pursue hobbies of interest or engage in activities that they never had time for as a working adult. However, over time, these seniors require proper elder care as their frail nature has the potential to lead to accidental falls and injuries.

At A-1 Home Care Agency, we provide a variety of Senior and Elder Care services for individuals that require additional in-home living assistance to maintain their independence. We specialize in services ranging from basic Companionship and Personal Services for the elderly to advanced care services such as After Surgery Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Parkinson’s Care, Arthritis Care, Cancer Care, Bipolar Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, Post Stroke Care, Brain Injury & Tumor Care, Kidney Disease & Tumor Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care, and Heart Attack Care.

Independent Senior Living Options

Our philosophy, along with substantial evidence and testimonials, states that when an individual is allowed to remain in their own home while they age, his or her quality of life and overall health remains high into the later stages of his or her life. As an alternative to assisted living homes and retirement centers, in-home elder care allows you or your loved one to remain at home, while receiving personal, one-on-one care assistance from a trained and professional caregiver.

All care providers must interview face-to-face with staff at A-1 Home Care Agency, undergo a Nationwide Criminal Background Check, Sex Offender Database Check, DMV Check and provide verifiable references. Care Providers must also have CPR Training, First Aid Training, Tuberculosis Testing and Malpractice / Liability Insurance.

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