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Companion Care in Pasadena

Help When You Need It

A-1 Companion Care

Nearly one in four adult Americans is caring for a senior or elderly adult on their own accord.  This means handling the majority of your loved ones responsibilities, driving them to medical appointments and running their errands.  Pasadena in Home Care understands the care of your loved one is one of your top priorities, but can be overwhelming at times.  Finding the balance between your job and other personal family responsibilities and the stress and worry of leaving your loved one by themselves most days can take its toll. Pasadena in Home Care can help by providing a professional and skilled caregiver to assist your loved one.

The Caregiver Solution

Pasadena In-Home Care provides at home companionship services to help relieve the stress and worry that come with being a loved one’s primary caregiver. Professional caregivers not only help take the stress and worry off of family caregivers, but work for the well-being of the client. Activities and interactions between the client and caregiver will help your elderly loved one to retain cognitive abilities as well as physical strength which is vital for seniors. Our caregivers at Pasadena in Home Care thoroughly enjoy working with seniors, and seniors are much more likely to participate in productive activities and accomplish more with the company of a caregiver.

Companion Services We Offer:
  • Conversation:
    • Discussing current events
    • Reminiscing about the client’s past
    • Reflection and emotion-based conversations
  • Activities:
    • Card games and board games
    • Reading, as well as reading assistance
    • Arts and craft projects the client is interested in
    • Reading of religious texts
    • Renting movies
    • Scrapbooking and maintaining family history books
  • Outings and Scheduling:
    • Planning day trips
    • Visiting friends and neighbors
    • Arranging and transportation to appointments
    • Calendar maintenance and reminders
  • Home Care:
    • Maintaining house plants
    • Gardening
    • Organizing mail, mailing bills, and writing letters
    • Answering for home deliveries
    • Answering telephone and taking messages
  • Monitoring Diet:
    • Grocery shopping, preparing grocery lists
    • Maintaining healthy diet
    • Clipping coupons
    • Arranging and helping prepare recipes
  • General Well-Being:
    • Assistance with walking, exercise, and movement
    • Participation in stimulating and entertaining activities
    • Assisting with morning wake-up and evening routine
    • Help with clothing selection and getting ready for the day
    • Reading engaging materials, such as newspapers and magazines