After Surgery Care

By providing after surgery care to an elderly or senior individual, you’ll help them recover quickly and with fewer complications.

After Surgery Rehabilitation, Recuperative & Post Partum Care

Having an expert  Nurse Aide, Caregiver, Medical Assistant, Home Helper or Home Health Aide to provide personal one-on-one care during their convalescence reduces the overall stress for the patient, allowing him or her to recover at a much more rapid fashion.

Not to mention, embattled family members of the patient must maintain both physical and emotional strength in order to “push” their loved one towards the long, winding road to recovery.

Patients that undergo a surgical procedure require the necessary care and conviction from a seasoned caregiver in order for them to heal appropriately. Recovery times can vary based on the surgical procedure. However, our After Surgery Care specialists are trained in assisting any patient that is unable to perform tasks on his or her own.

At A-1 Home Care Agency, we specialize in providing the finest after surgery care for any patient. Our Professional Caregivers, Companions, Certified Nurse Aides, Certified Home Health Aides and Medical Assistants are trained and experienced in providing assistance to those in need of rehabilitating or recuperative care from surgery or an illness.

Whether you need a Caregiver at home, a Hospital Sitter or a Nursing Home Sitter, A-1 Home Care Agency is the right service to call for all of your In-Home care needs. Give us a call today to speak to one of our case managers.

All care providers must interview face-to-face with staff at A-1 Home Care Agency, undergo a Nationwide Criminal Background Check, Sex Offender Database Check, DMV Check and provide verifiable references. Care Providers must also have CPR Training, First Aid Training, Tuberculosis Testing and Malpractice / Liability Insurance.

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