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A-1 Home Care Bingo Game & Prizes Event for senior residents at Southland Care Center in Norwalk

December 10, 2015

December 10, 2015
11:00 AM
Southland Care Center
11701 Studebaker Rd.
Norwalk, CA. 90650

On December 10, 2015, A-1 Home Care held a Bingo game & prizes event at Southland Care Center in Norwalk, Ca. Marisol Trejo was there with the prizes. Southland supplies the Bingo game cards and the game. 10 lunch coolers, 8 tote bags, 5 pens. Morning Bingo is held in a small room where 3 round tables fit. There were 8 seniors present. I rolled the Bingo cage and called the numbers which the seniors called out Bingo when they filled a row. The winners received their choice of a prize. One assistant from the center assisted me.

The seniors enjoyed Bingo very much. They were very alive and participating. Bingo is their favorite activity and they were even happier winning a prize. Those seniors who won more than once said they were going to give their prize to a friend in the convalescent home. It was a success! The seniors liked me and asked for my name and are becoming more familiar with A-1 Home Care. I was allowed to take pictures of the seniors from the back.

A-1 Home Care believes in giving back to the community and holding these programs is a way to show seniors and elderly our support and compassion. Our Caregivers, Home Health Aides, Nurse Aides and Senior Companions provide excellent in homecare services because they genuinely care about the seniors, elderly, disabled and ill adult clients of A-1 Home Care. For over 20 years, our caregiver agency has earned a great reputation for high quality care at an affordable rate in Orange County and Los Angeles County.